Friday, February 20, 2009

Artist's Statement 2.23.07

Artist’s Statement 2/23/07 Larry M. Brow

I’ve recently started to look at my work and career as if I was a musician rather than an object maker. Who would I list as my “influences,” and how long a list would it be? Do I only play well-rehearsed tunes written by other artists or do I improvise and “jam,” creating new beauties built of theme and discipline, impulse and moment? Am I a writer of jingles, pop songs, or symphonies? And is my genre jazz, rock, folk, or the blues? A lot of odd questions, I know, but lately the answers have pleased me.
My “Firetrap” series, in particular, has been a very good line to follow. These structures combine throwing and hand-building, modernist sculpture and post-modern architecture, simplicity and complexity, dignity and whimsy. I’ve even joked about them and the influence of the architectural firm of Gehry and Seuss.
I’ve also been pleased lately by my successes in the strangely intricate world of double-walled and upside-down throwing. Broader than broad rims, pierced works that nonetheless hold water, the puzzled looks of other potters, and decorating with the ultimate black of the pierced interior, have all added to the fun of what really ought to be an enjoyable enterprise all the time.
And my list of influences? Everyday it seems I find something new to add to the already long list. But best of all, more and more, the strongest influence on my work has been me. I’m looking forward to the even stronger work good “musicianship” promises ahead.


French Fancy said...

Hello Larry, I like the new image on your header. As for taking some photos of my parents' pieces, I might just do that - although I do worry sometimes that my blog does seem to be becoming increasingly egocentric.

Mr FF might also protest - he is always saying I am giving away too much. But we'll see.

As for your influences - I know diddly squat about architecture, although I do like some Courbusier (sp?) and Lloyd Wright buildings.

Larry M. Brow said...


Thanks. The new chair photo is of a porcelain one now resting in an art gallery in Arbuckle, California. My parents grabbed two chairs on a recent visit from their base in Northern California.

As to 'giving away too much', feel free to post photos of pots without explanation, or with just an brief, anonymous caption about who made it or its original function. For that matter, talking about what it meant to your parents doesn't really pierce the cloak of mystery surrounding you. It's just a peek into the past and a broadening of our mutual landscape.

You could even run it in reverse. Post a photo and command, "Tell me about this pot." You've drawn in a good group and the responses might be quite entertaining.