Monday, March 8, 2010

A New World

A great deal has happened since the last time I wrote, and what I'd really like to do is write about things more important than myself. But first I much catch up on some important details.

1) I am now a full time employee of the Spencer Research Library, here at the University of Kansas. In many ways, this is just a direct continuation of my work there as a Student Assistant, but the money and benefits allow me to give up my late night bus driving, and even to give up my degree goals, if necessary.

2) One of my large wood-fired sculptures, Firetrap #8, got juried into the 3rd Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to one gallery visitor, it even won an Honorable Mention, though ironically, no one from the show's management has bothered to mention it.

3) We have chickens. At the end of October, in a blatant gesture of defiance towards the forces that might have forced us to move to another city, we bought four chicks, and I built a four foot by ten foot mobile chicken coop. The chicks are now grown, though not yet laying eggs, and we just bought two more chicks, of a different breed.

And I'm sure there's much more that might be said, but really, I'm just glad to be back among the reasonably well-rested. Soon, I even hope to write here about those many subjects that have always interested me more than myself.

Please enjoy the return of Spring. I know I am.


French Fancy said...

Hurrah - Spring has seen you return here and I am delighted with all three of your things listed. Well done on the installation, the job (well deserved) and for chickens. I have a new friend who has lots of chickens and I'm learning all sorts of things about them - as well as getting free eggs.

It's good to have you back, Larry.

Larry M. Brow said...

In college, Spring came as a particular delight, because the beautiful young women around us put away their winter coats. All one of us had to say was, "Ah, Spring," and the rest of us guys would snap our heads around to enjoy the view.

I occasionally wonder about the current taboos/protocols about noticing that certain people around us are beautiful/wonderful/handsome/fine. I get that wolf whistling is a thing of the past, but is there nothing appropriate to replace it?