Thursday, May 7, 2009



The rumors of my demise are premature. Thank you, Mister Twain.

Yesterday I turned in my twenty page paper on "A Six Book Course on the Vietnam War." I'd post it here but I don't think anyone wants to read it. I'm worried that my professor, also, does not want to read it, or will regret the time spent when he has read it. But there's nothing I can do about that now.

Tonight, I'm back to the driving, and this being the last day of classes here, the mayhem could be thorough. Tomorrow night, driving the bus, could be extra frightening.

And Monday, there's another chunk of golden prose to deliver to another Professor. And then, it's back to making pots like a trained monkey, because I haven't been doing any of THAT for weeks either.

So, HI! And enjoy the lack of freezing rain.

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French Fancy said...

No wonder you've been gone so long. Hope the paper gets the (good) mark I am sure it deserves.

Welcome back to Blogland, Larry.