Sunday, May 24, 2009



My first thought on the subject was about the folks that live on the same street as my house. Then I thought of my neighbors online, the folks I see from time to time, and whom I know very little about. And then I thought of my neighbors at the University and at my jobs, who I also don't know very well. And, of course, I am a neighbor to all of them, and what do they know, or care, about me?

To our right, as we face our fairly busy city street, are a policeman and his wife the nurse, with their three daughters, thirteen and younger. They've always been civil, no more than that, though they let our six year old play on their trampouline and they've been very tolerant of our two cats.

To our left,...and so on. What do we know? Is it already more than we want to know? What guesses do they have about us that are completely accurate, or totally off the mark?

Would it all be better or worse if we lived in a smaller town? And how much do we value the neighbors who are also our friends? I helped a friend move to a new house yesterday. At one point we, the helpers, had ten vehicles parked in front of her new place. And we were all happy to do it.

It's good to know nice people, wherever they happen to live.


French Fancy said...

Do you know Larry that I feel as close to my blogging chums as I do to people that I know in real life. In fact there are people that I've met very often about whom I know less, than, say, some of the bloggers who I visit all the time.

Hope life is going well for you and that you are not too exhausted from all the running around that you do.

Larry M. Brow said...

Madame FF,

Online or not, you have all the hallmarks of a good neighbor. Not least of which is to be interested in realities other than your own.

I have lately been less exhausted, but also less productive. This must change.

Big hug,